Nothing prepared the viewers for what happened in the late summer of 2020 when the network’s president announced The News with Shepard Smith was to be canceled and the slot would be given over to the more business and finance-focused program. But what happened to the show? It’s the question on the minds of many viewers, as the news powerhouse and veteran journalist Shepard Smith has said goodbye to the CNBC network.

The anchor first arrived in the fall of 2020 to bring a non-partisan, general news program to the early evening slot. But the focus has shifted, and Smith’s last show aired the latter part of the month.

This post will tell the story of the show’s departure and the networks refocus on its core product: financial and market news.

What Happened to ‘The News with Shepard Smith’?

The Early Days

It was the first show the anchor had led in the 7 PM slot since leaving Fox News, where he was the chief news anchor for the outlet for over two decades.

It was the first time the network had dedicated the evening to general news, as its focus is usually on financial and market news. It also marked the first time the anchor had been the face of the show since his departure from Fox News.

Lacking Performance

However, the show failed to live up to the network’s expectations, and the audience the show did garner was not enough. As the industrywide decline of traditional television lingers and the emerging business of streaming flourishes, the network shifts the focus back to its core product.

Thus the decision to cancel the show was made, and the anchor’s final show aired this month. The decision to cancel the show came from the network’s new chairman, Mr. Sullivan, who plans to replace the 7 PM slot with a program more focused on the financial and market news.

Redistribution of Talent

The network has said it is looking to find other jobs at the channel for the people who worked on the show.

So the question remains: What happened to The News with Shepard Smith?

It looks like the network had the best of intentions, but the show failed to live up to the expectations. As the industry transitions into the world of streaming, the network has decided to refocus back on the core product of the business, financial, and market news.

Though the show may be gone, the legacy of the anchor remains. His two decades at the helm of Fox News and the new venture with the network have made an impact on the news industry and the viewers. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, the decision was made in the best interest of the network to refocus the efforts back on the core product. And the viewers of The News with Shepard Smith will have to look elsewhere for the news they sought from the iconic journalist.

And we’ll be watching to see what the future holds for the anchor, but in the meantime, the legacy of the show will always be remembered.

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  1. I really really really miss Shep! CNBC royally screwed up when they fired him. What a blunder.

    Anyhoo, it’s done. So, what is Shep up to now?

    1. He still is great! Shep just needs a solid new landing place to spread his wisdom… New Nation could work, eh?

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