There is no denying that the Canadian Government provides excellent public health services like standard hospital facilities, screening and diagnostics, physician services, procedures and therapies, eyesight checkups, and dental procedures. However, citizens may require other medical services (like orthodontic services, physiotherapy, massage treatment, outpatient prescription drugs, prescription glasses, therapy sessions, rehabilitation services, etc.) and need private insurance from one of the many health insurance companies in Canada.

Various private health insurance companies in Canada, like GMS, offer private coverage, including a range of services that the citizens can opt for based on their pre-existing medical conditions.

Who Are The Top 5 Insurance Companies In Canada 

health insurance companies in Canada

Listed below are the top 5 health insurance companies in Canada for citizens who require additional coverage for their health conditions.

1. GMS Insurance

GMS is a health and travel insurance provider. It offers health insurance for individuals, families, and groups (employees). Its two notable health insurance plans are:

  • Personal health coverage 
  • Replacement health coverage

The Personal health coverage plan includes prescription drugs, dental coverage, prescription glasses, contact lenses, optometrists consultation, and paramedical practitioner services like physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, etc. GMS allows updating this plan according to one’s pre-existing condition.

The Replacement health coverage plan also includes additional coverage like rehabilitation services and neuro and chiro appointments. However, this plan is only for those who lose group benefits coverage.

2. Manulife Insurance

This private coverage offers health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance (CII), along with coverage for prescription drugs that are not included in the government health plan.

Manulife also offers customized health insurance options like a private hospital stay, short- and long-term disability, travel coverage, accidental death, and amputation. Apart from this, Manulife Synergy combination insurance provides 3-in-1: Life, Disability, and Critical illness coverage.

3. Sun Life Insurance

Sun Life is another private comprehensive coverage provider offering the following four types of medical coverage:

  • Personal health/dental/vision coverage with services not included in the federal government, employer, or territorial government plan.
  • Critical illness coverage
  • Disability coverage 
  • Long-term care coverage for medical expenses over an extended period

Sun Life also provides customization options for additional expenses like a semi-private hospital stay, travel insurance, preventative and restorative dental coverage, orthodontic coverage, paramedical services, etc.

4. Canadian Association Of Blue Cross Plans 

This private insurance provider offers:

  • Group benefits,
  • Personal benefits,
  • Life insurance, and
  • Travel coverage.

Their services include prescription drugs, private hospital accommodation, paramedical services, dismemberment, accidental death coverage, critical illness coverage, short-term and long-term disability insurance, rehabilitation services, medical devices, implants, vision, and orthodontic services.

5. Canada Life Insurance

Canada Life is also one of our top picks for private insurance providers. Their services include dental insurance, vision care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, social worker services, prescription medication, etc. Apart from these, it offers appointments with chiropractors, dieticians, naturopaths, psychologists, and acupuncturists without requiring a referral. 

These services can be tailored according to one’s needs and pre-existing medical conditions. Canada Life also offers emergency travel insurance to include in the health insurance plan but not as a separate service.

Final Thoughts on Life Insurance in Canada

Not all healthcare services are incorporated in public or universal health coverage by the Canadian provincial, federal, and territorial governments. Therefore, Canadians can refer to the above-listed top private health insurance companies to cover the additional expenses of medical services they require. These private insurance providers have made it easy for Canadians to get medical insurance plans and avail of eligible expenses as needed. They also provide tailored plans suitable for one’s health or pre-existing medical conditions.

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