Electric vehicles make road trips more fun, and Tesla, the world’s top-selling electric car brand, simplifies trip planning with its latest feature. The new app update from Tesla allows drivers to plan their trips, including stopping for charging and taking breaks. The Tesla app version 4.20.69 will include the Tesla trip planner, according to Tesla’s latest tweet.

Here is a guide to help you understand what’s new in this release, its limitations, and other changes.

About Tesla Road Trip Planner Feature

It has been revealed that Tesla’s app has been updated to version 4.20.69, introducing a feature that has been long anticipated: A road trip planner. Tesla owners will now be able to plan a trip through their Tesla trip planner app and have it sent directly to their cars.

With Tesla’s in-car navigation, you can plan your trips in an easy and reliable manner. Upon entering your destination, Navigation will determine the route, the most convenient charging locations, and the estimated charging time.

Owners can use the app to look up their destinations by entering their location. As a result, the app provides directions to the Supercharger and any stops required along the way.

When traveling along the east coast of Australia, it might be necessary to stop at several superchargers on long trips. Using the lightning bolt icon in the navigation, you can easily find the nearest Supercharger. If you tap on the red pin of the Supercharger, it will reveal how many stalls are available and how much it costs to charge.

Tesla’s app trip planner can then be sent directly to a vehicle’s in-built navigation system, so drivers don’t have to retype things. Families can now plan road trips without being confined to their vehicles, which is quite convenient.

Currently, the app trip planner is limited to one destination, but more stops could be added such as scenic sites along the way.

Tesla trip planner used to vacation at the beach

Plan a Trip with Tesla Go Anywhere

Planning future road trips with your Tesla is easy with the Tesla Go Anywhere tool. Using the Go Anywhere tool, you can plan a route that passes Superchargers based on your car’s configuration and start and end locations. At each stop, it’ll even recommend how long you should charge. Tesla always recommends using your trip planner on the road so you can get the most accurate recommended stops and charge times.

Using Navigation, you can find the most convenient charging stations along the way as well as the fastest route to your destination.

Why Do People Tap the Tesla Charger?

 A Tesla owner who taps the left side of the taillight is actually unlocking the flap containing the charging port and getting it going. Observe that they’re tapping the back of the taillight instead. It’s just a trend they’re following.

According to a TikTok video, tapping the charger on the tail light could help it charge faster. Because of that, Tesla owners tap their chargers before plugging them in.

According to the TikTok video, tapping the taillight would help with connectivity and prevent errors. Also, tapping the charger enhances charging speed, according to the video. The TikTok content also claimed “static electricity” or physical blockages could be removed. Because of this, some owners tap their chargers before using them. 

Tapping the device aids at a subatomic level is perhaps the most ridiculous claim. The company claims that some owners believe that the action aligns electrons. You won’t really notice any difference in the speed of charging or connectivity when you tap on the charger.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to think about entertainment after planning your road trip (with some Tesla tricks up your sleeve). When you go on a long road trip in your Tesla, you will spend a lot of time in the car regardless of how many special features you use. You can learn a lot about the world around you through bite-sized stories on audio while you’re on the road. For your next trip be sure to leverage the Tesla trip planner to get a jump start on your travel plans.

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