The Discord app is a communication and game streaming platform typically set to launch automatically when you switch on your Mac or PC. This behavior ensures you are always ready to communicate or chat with your loved ones or communities. But if this automatic starting up of the application is a nuisance for you, you can learn how to stop Discord from automatically opening. For instance, if you use macOS Ventura, you can navigate to the System Settings app > click General > Login Items > click the minus button next to Discord to remove it from the automatic startup list. 

Now that you can use Discord, get ready to have fun with this app. Here are the app’s cool features you can use. 

Single Click Calls 

The platform lets you make group or one-on-one calls. You can use Direct Messages from Discord’s homepage to invite the people you want to call. Then, after creating your DM channel, you can call who you want with a single click. 

Share Custom Emojis 

If you own a server, you can add custom emojis to the Discord application. You can do this in a couple of clicks. Head to the Server Settings and use the Emoji tab to upload custom emojis. Then, the custom emojis will be available for everyone on your server. 

Play Music During A Call 

You can take help from a third-party app like Groovy to play music during a call. The Groovy application is specifically designed for Discord. 

You have to visit Groovy’s website and add it to your Discord. Then, tell Groovy which song you want to play after joining a voice channel. 

girl using the Discord app to listen to music on her phone

Share Your Screen 

One of the cool features of this app is going live and sharing your screen. You can share your screen by joining a Discord voice channel and pressing the screen streaming icon. A new window will appear on your screen; you can choose an application to share or share the entire screen. Once you are ready, click the Go Live button; everyone on the channel will see your screen. 

Set A Personalized Status 

The Discord app offers you the ability to set custom statuses. You can set it by choosing your profile photo > and clicking Set a Custom Status. Then, you can enter any text and even include an emoji

Adjust Video And Voice Settings 

The platform has a Voice Activity feature, which automatically unmutes you when speaking. The input sensitivity can be adjusted using the slider. If you feel the app is picking up your voice when you didn’t intend to, adjusting the sensitivity will help. However, if this is too much of a fuss, you can switch to the Push to Talk option. With this enabled, you must press a shortcut key to unmute yourself. 

You can also improve your voice chats by going to the Advanced settings and enabling features like Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation, and Noise Suppression. 

Customize How Pictures And Texts Are Displayed 

You can modify how the app handles pictures by going to the Text and Images section. If you do not want to see videos or images, disable the When Posted as Links to Chat feature. This will turn off the previews. 

Do you have any kind of visual impairment? If so, you can turn on the With Image Descriptions option and see a description of the pictures shared on the Discord server. 

Furthermore, you can disable the media embeds by going to the Embeds and Link Previews section. 

Quickly Integrate With Other Platforms 

Discord is an intuitive platform to communicate with communities and friends. The server can be opened to anyone, as is the case with most gaming servers, or you can make it private. Once you have a community, you can stay connected via private chats and distinct channels. This is enough to communicate and connect with your communities, but Discord goes a step further by easily integrating with other platforms.

You can integrate channels from other Discord app servers. For instance, if you follow a channel from another server, the messages posted in that channel will be fed into your server. This helps streamers using YouTube or Twitch to integrate their streams with Discord seamlessly. Then, the community can stay in touch during and after stream events. You can access these functions via the Integrations tab within Discord. 

Final Thoughts 

So, these are some cool features of the Discord app that started its journey focusing on gamers but has grown to become a reliable communication platform. So, if you have been pushed out of Instagram, Slack, or similar platforms, turn to Discord to stay connected with your loved ones and communities. The app’s user interface is straightforward, and you can quickly get the hang of the platform.  

Which Discord features are your favorite? Comment below. 

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