ELDs are an essential piece of hardware that commercial motor carriers use to monitor hours of service (HOS) and remove the need for drivers to keep paper logs. They also provide fleet managers with a wide range of valuable information, enabling them to reduce fuel costs, improve fleet safety, and prevent theft.

Let’s take a look at the improvements ELDs can have on fleet safety and compliance.

Real-time Data

Real-time data provides a competitive edge to fleets. Unlike manual log books, ELDs continuously capture and transmit data to the back office via cellular connectivity or wireless synchronization. This enables fleet managers to track and analyze driver activity, optimize routes, and streamline inspections. Besides recording Hours of Service (HOS), ELDs (electronic logging devices) have built-in GPS trackers to capture vehicle location and engine hours for a more accurate picture of fleet operations. Many of these devices have gyroscopes and accelerometers that detect driving behaviors like speeding, harsh braking, and accidents.

Fleet managers can monitor and analyze this information, reducing the likelihood of FMCSA violations and spot checks. They can use this information to optimize routes, make schedule changes, and provide live ETAs to customers. This saves time, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction. Moreover, it helps fleets avoid fines and forecast CSA scores to qualify for lower insurance premium rates. It’s a great way to boost safety and increase efficiency.

Driver Communication

A key benefit of ELDs for commercial fleets is facilitating communication between truck drivers and the back office. By allowing drivers to mark their duty status via the mobile app, ELDs reduce administrative work for fleet managers, helping them to focus on compliance and driver safety. Fleet owners can also monitor vehicle and driver safety through real-time reports and improve operations with geofencing technology that prevents theft, alerts on unauthorized fuel use and more.


ELDs digitally record a driver’s Hours of Service, replacing paper logbooks and ensuring compliance with federal safety standards. These telematics solutions connect to a vehicle’s engine and GPS to automatically update drivers’ logs so dispatchers and managers can see available hours and compliance risks. These devices ensure accuracy and prevent tampering of HOS data, which is critical for preventing violations. This eliminates the need to manually maintain driver logs manually, saving both dispatchers and drivers time. Fleet managers can also use ELD data to predict CSA scores and proactively address a vehicle’s risk factors before they become serious safety concerns. This helps avoid costly fines and reduce insurance premium rates. Compare ELD solutions to find the right one for your needs. Most options include:

  • A device.
  • A mobile app that works with the hardware.
  • Cloud-based fleet management software.

Some even offer a Bring Your Device option to let carriers utilize their preferred hardware.


With real-time monitoring and tamper-proof records, ELDs help to boost safety and simplify compliance with regulations by eliminating the need for paper logbooks. By pairing ELDs with fleet management software, carriers can track vehicle performance, identify engine faults, and make proactive maintenance decisions. Moreover, modern ELDs use built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect “harsh events,” such as hard braking or severe turns. Fleet managers can then review historical data and coach drivers to improve their driving behavior. Of course, highway fleet safety is the main reason for mandating electronic logging devices. Anything that can reduce driver fatigue is a win for everyone on the road.

Final Thoughts

ELDs reduce the burden of record-keeping on CMV drivers, who no longer have to fill out paperwork or manually sign their logs. This can save them time, energy, and money on fuel and maintenance costs. In addition, they can focus on the job at hand and be more productive on the road. The benefits to fleet safety and compliance are of the utmost importance, so there’s really no reason to ignore ELDs.

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