In the world of fashion, pins serve as a versatile accessory. Offering a blend of style and personal expression, they can be found gracing everything from jackets to hats. But what makes these locations the best choice for placing pins? Is there a universal rule for where they should go? Or is it all about personal preference and creativity? This article aims to explore the different places where to put pins, bringing a splash of individuality to your ensemble. Let’s dive into the vibrant world of pins.


Jackets are a classic choice for displaying pins. They offer a sturdy and flat surface that makes it easy to pin on your favorite designs. Jackets allow multiple pins to be placed together, creating a unique collage of self-expression.

Some popular spots for placing pins on jackets include the collar, lapel, and pockets. These areas allow for maximum visibility and can add a touch of personality to an otherwise plain jacket.

To keep your pins in place and prevent them from falling off, make sure to secure them with proper folds. It will ensure that your pins stay securely attached and your jacket maintains its stylish look.


If you’re looking for where to put a lapel pin, bags are a popular option! Whether it’s a backpack, tote bag, or messenger bag, these accessories provide ample space to display your pin collection.

One advantage of using bags as a canvas for pins is their versatility. You can easily switch out or remove pins. Moreover, bags are frequently carried in public, making them an excellent way to showcase your style and interests.


Hats may not be the first thing that comes to mind when displaying pins, but they can make for a unique and eye-catching choice. Pins on hats offer a fun and unexpected touch, instantly transforming a simple hat into a statement piece.

From baseball caps to beanies, there are endless possibilities for pin placement on hats. You can opt for a few pins scattered around the brim or go all out with an entire collection covering the surface.


Denim clothing is one of the go-to materials for displaying pins. The rough and sturdy fabric provides the perfect surface for securing pins, making them popular among pin enthusiasts. Denim also offers a timeless and versatile look, allowing you to mix and match different styles of pins without clashing with your outfit.

Custom Pin Boards

If you’re an avid collector or love to showcase your pins in a neat and organized manner, custom pin boards are an excellent option. These boards can be personalized to fit your style and preferences, making them a great way to display your diverse collection.

You can arrange your pins by theme, color, or other criteria that appeal to you. Not only do custom pin boards make for an impressive display, but they also serve as a functional and practical way to store your pins.

Discovering Where to Put Pins and More

There’s a whole universe of possibilities when considering where to put pins. From jackets to bags, hats to denim, or even custom pin boards, each offers a unique canvas for showcasing your pin collection.

Pin placement is a mix of personal style, functionality, and creativity. So, step into the vibrant world of pins and let your individuality shine.

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