Men’s shoes tend to fall into two broad categories – casual and fancy – which is understandable; however, there’s more than meets the eye in men’s footwear than just sneakers and chukkas.

Dress codes have become less stringent over time, yet there remain situations that require elevated footwear. Finding the ideal pair can make or break an outfit. With that in mind, research on men’s shoes should be the first step in styling for any occasion.

Black Oxfords

Black Oxfords are timeless dress shoes that complement nearly any attire, including full suits, blazer, and slack combinations, business casual looks with wool pants or chinos and button-front shirts, or casual wear like wool chinos or denim jeans and button-front shirts. When selecting black Oxfords as your choice of men’s shoes it is wise to opt for plain or whole-cut styles without broguing; cap-toe shoes feature decorative broguing while wingtip Oxfords feature tiny perforations along the sides of the toe cap.

Tan Oxfords are another versatile option that goes well with fitted blue jeans or dark-hued chinos, while two-tone spectators and saddle shoes provide less formal options that still work for casual outfits. When lacing up any style of Oxford shoe, make sure they’re horizontal and parallel for a polished appearance.

Blue Suede

Many men enjoy donning blue suede shoes. Not only can these stylish kicks look great on any casual event or work environment, but pairing them with khakis or any casual pants for an aesthetically pleasing look is sure to turn heads! For something more formal you could pair your pair with an eye-catching trench coat for added flair!

Elvis Presley may be best known for introducing “Blue Suede Shoes,” but Carl Perkins of Sun Studio actually wrote and recorded it first in 1955. According to legend, Perkins heard a boy warn his girlfriend not to step on their blue suede shoes at a dance. This inspired Carl to write and record it himself later that year.

He found his inspiration for writing “Holiday Inn.” While its story remains contentious, this song became one of rock ‘n roll’s iconic tracks and even vied with Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel for first place on Billboard charts; ultimately Presley came out ahead and ended up dominating all country charts.

Tan Suede

Tan suede pairs well with jeans and chinos of all hues, especially lighter summer hues. It serves as a neutral hue that softens formal pinstripe pants; suede is also the ideal complement to flannel fabrics; you may even find shoes featuring decorative details such as medallions or broguing that look fantastic with a suit.

Make an everyday casual outfit chic with this combination: Grey coat with navy jeans and tan suede loafers. Additionally, wear the shoes with a black leather belt for an ensemble that stands out.

Not always necessary, matching belts to shoes perfectly is important, but you want the colors to complement one another without looking too discordant. A black belt works well with most colors of suede shoes or boots while tan may be too dark; therefore tan leather or even brown leather belts may work better to tie your look together.

Brown Suede

Brown suede shoes are timeless classics that work for nearly every occasion. Wear them with anything from formal pants and jackets to jeans. However, be wary as these shoes tend to draw attention – their more sophisticated appearance than regular leather ones can become the focal point of an otherwise quiet room! If this bothers you too much, dark-colored options might be better.

Dark brown suede bomber jackets go great with black jeans and canvas high-tops for an effortlessly smart casual look. Or pair it with a navy wool suit and a light-colored linen shirt for office meetings!

If you want shoes that go with any outfit, Idrese offers brown suede Chelsea boots that offer quality craftsmanship, breathable leather lining, and lightweight construction for optimal comfort. They’re the ideal addition to your wardrobe and with proper care they should last a long time without damage from water damage.

Choose the brown suede dress wingtip sneakers from Merrell for the highest level of quality and fashion. With these classic shoes, you have the exquisite workmanship of a wingtip shoe and the laid-back vibe of a sneaker. They have an aged leather finish for a traditional appearance and a cushioned sole for all-day comfort.

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