Who is Viviana Volpicelli?

The model and blogger Viviana Volpicelli is an Instagram star and online celebrity. The blogger behind the self-titled blog focuses on fashion, make-up, fitness, and skincare. A 200,000-follower Instagram account makes her a social media sensation. 

In addition to her professional career, this stunning American lady is best known for her relationship with Philadelphia Eagles football player Nelson Agholor. Here’s what you need to know about Nelson Viviana Volpicelli. Check out these sexy Italian models and beauty bloggers.

Bio and Age

Volpicelli, whose birthday is May 8, 1995, has just turned 26 years old at the moment. Also, she’s stoic, stubborn, practical, and determined due to the fact that Taurus is her sign of birth.

However, Viviana’s exact measurements are unknown, although she is naturally beautiful and has an attractive slim body figure. Besides exercising regularly and following a balanced diet, this model adheres to a rigorous workout regime. Further, this American weighs around 50 kilograms and stands just five feet one inch tall. 

Viviana Volpicelli Family

Viviana Volpicelli is the daughter of Anton and Diane Volpicelli. She has a father who is a doctor at a medical center in El Segundo, California, and a mother who is in real estate management. Even as an adult, Viviana’s parents are very supportive of her career choice since they had high-paying jobs during her childhood.

Modeling Career

Viviana Volpicelli modeling photos

A career choice that Viviana made was supported incredibly by her parents, based on what she told us.  Her blog focuses on fashion, makeup, skincare, and fitness tips, and she was born in 1987. She shares beautiful pictures of herself on her Instagram account, which has 184k followers.

Volpicelli developed products that worked best for her skin type after conducting extensive research about different skin types.

She became confident about her product after she tried it out on herself and was satisfied with the results. According to her blog, the tips and website are aimed at boosting confidence and optimizing the potential of women.

Viviana Volpicelli’s Boyfriends

Her longtime school friend, Nelson Agholor, has turned into her boyfriend, Volpicelli. At the University of Southern California, the duo first met.

When it comes to Nelson, he plays wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League. Moreover, the player played for the Trojans of USC.

Their relationship started in 2017, according to the lovebirds. A lady confirmed the news by uploading a series of beautiful pictures to her Instagram account. There appears to be a deep connection between the couple. We wish them a long and happy relationship.

Viviana Volpicelli and Nelson Agholor

Viviana Volpicelli Net Worth

The net worth of Volpicelli is unknown, however, her boyfriend, Agholor, is estimated to have a net worth of $24 million, mostly derived from his football salary of $3 million.

As Volpicelli is about to become even more famous, it has been an excellent year for her. Should she ever get married to her boyfriend, she might appear on the next season of “The Real Housewives of Footballers.” There is no doubt that the model and beauty blogger is making a considerable amount of money.

Fun Facts About Viviana Volpicelli

  • At the moment, she is engaged in a romantic relationship.
  • There is something about pizza that she likes.
  • In addition to being active on social media, she has a blog.
  • In 2012, Volpicelli began vlogging and sharing videos of videos created by her as a videographer, which she is passionate about. 
  • Aside from makeup and fitness tips, she also provides dietary advice.
  • In addition to Gucci, Addidas, Louis Vuitton, Barney’s New York, Chanel, and others, Instagram is full of this stunning diva’s endorsements.

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