Most people only see a dermatologist when they have a skin issue that is bothering them. But, there are a lot of reasons to see a dermatologist, from acne and psoriasis to skin cancer. But did you know that there are also benefits to seeing a dermatologist for purely cosmetic reasons? Do you need a referral to see a dermatologist?

This article will help you find some reasons to consider making an appointment with a dermatologist even if you don’t have any skin problems. 

Top 5 Reasons to See a Dermatologist

If you have a skin condition that is causing you concern, you may be wondering if you need a referral to see a dermatologist. While your primary care doctor can often provide treatment for minor skin conditions, more serious or complex cases may require the expertise of a dermatologist.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should consider making an appointment with a dermatologist:

  1. Your skin is infected with acne.

Acne treatment over the counter is available, but eradicating acne can be challenging. For individuals with acne that does not respond to over-the-counter treatments, dermatologists can provide advanced forms of treatment. The appearance of acne scarring can be minimized with the help of dermatologists who are able to diagnose and treat your specific type of acne.

Girl with glowing skin doesn't need to see a dermatologist.
  1. A mole changes shape or size. 

Every year, you should get a skin exam, regardless of whether you have had a mole since birth.  You should seek medical attention if any changes have been noticed in the size, shape, or color of your moles. It’s important to see a dermatologist if the sores are itchy, bleeding, painful, scabby, or haven’t healed. It does not matter what color your skin is, skin cancer can develop in you. It is still a good idea to see a dermatologist even if you do not have fair skin.

  1. The rash appears out of nowhere.

The first thing you should do if you notice a strange rash, burning, itchiness, or irritation on any part of your skin is to see a dermatologist right away. A dermatologist may be able to help, but over-the-counter remedies may only provide temporary relief. Various conditions can cause rashes, including eczema, contact dermatitis, infection, fungi, and allergies. Inflammation that is accompanied by increased warmth, tenderness, redness, swelling, or pus is another red flag.

  1. An unexpected bump.

It’s normal for people to get moles and warts. Some common skin conditions can be ignored, and over-the-counter remedies can be used to treat them. However, if you misdiagnose a skin condition, you could be at risk for serious health problems. A doctor should be consulted whenever you notice anything unusual about your skin or notice any sort of change in your skin. When you choose to consult a dermatologist, he or she can help you deal with cosmetic issues related to benign growths on the skin.

  1. Get a skin check every year.

Annual skin checks are as essential as yearly dental cleanings or gynecological appointments for detecting skin cancer, especially melanoma, early. Make your annual skin check a part of a special event, such as your birthday, so you’ll be reminded to do it every year. Skin cancer screenings can identify the disease at an early stage when it is most treatable. Skin cancers such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma are also readily detected by dermatologists.

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Final Thoughts

If you have a skin condition that is causing you concern, you may be wondering do I need a referral to see a dermatologist. There are many reasons why you might see a dermatologist, and in most cases, you will not need a referral from your primary care physician. Your primary care physician can help you determine if you need to see a dermatologist.

Skin cancer screenings are recommended even if you haven’t had any of these problems or conditions, but have spent time outdoors at least once in your life. The importance of early detection and the potential for saving lives cannot be overstated.

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