In the era of cord-cutting, it’s easy to forget about all of the great channels that are available with a cable or satellite subscription. CNBC is one such channel that can be easily overlooked, but it’s worth tuning in for business news junkies. Many CNBC Posts viewers wonder, what channel is CNBC on? and what channel is CNBC on Dish? Generally speaking, exactly what is CNBC all about anyway?

Well, CNBC is the world leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage. They offer unprecedented access to the people, ideas, and strategies that move the financial world.

Let us start with a quick disclaimer that we (CNBC Posts) are not affiliated with CNBC or NBC in any way. We just love their news and market reporting. That being said, here are some additional important facts you might want to know about CNBC including channel history, main themes, and where to tune in.

What Channel CNBC is All About

Among the many channels on American television, CNBC is one of the most popular. Despite being called Consumer News and Business Channel, this channel name isn’t very common or isn’t used very often these days. The channel was created 31 years ago exclusively to provide business news. NBC Universal News Group owns the company today. Before becoming the powerhouse it is today, the channel underwent multiple changes in its structure and offers. Cable carriage issues, as well as financial problems, have been serious threats to the company’s growth. 

These reporters explain what channel is CNBC on for viewers.

In 1991, however, the channel took a turn for the better and started doing well again. In the past few years, FNN, or Financial News Network, has emerged as a major competitor of CNBC. There was a rise in prominence for the channel in 1991 after it acquired FNN and began to run two operations simultaneously. Through its broadcast, CNBC reached over 40 million households in 17 states thanks to the merger of CNBC and Univision. 

The number of viewers in the United States alone is staggering, and it has grown to 93 million people today. Additionally, the channel has several localized subsidiaries that operate throughout Europe and Asia, as well.

What Channel on Dish Network is CNBC?

Looking for what channel is CNBC on Dish? There is channel 208 available on Dish Network that shows CNBC. The money-focused CNBC broadcasts a wide range of business-oriented programming. There are plenty of business-related programs on CNBC, ranging from news about the market to a series about pitfalls that business owners should avoid. If you don’t have any business deals to consider, unwind with unwinding programs like CNBC’s Deal or No Deal game show when you aren’t considering your next business deal.

To find out more about CNBC’s programming and Dish Network coverage, visit their website. You can also find CNBC on these other channels:

  • AT&T U-Verse: 1240 (HD) and 840 (SD)
  • Comcast Xfinity: 1640 (HD) and 220 (SD)
  • DIRECTV: 351 (HD) and 201 (SD)
  • Spectrum: 208 (HD) and 94 (SD)
  • Verizon Fios: 514 (HD) and 15 (SD)

Final Thoughts

So, what channel is CNBC? For those who want to stay up-to-date on all the latest business news, CNBC is the channel for you. Whether you’re interested in learning more about personal finance or investing, or you just want to stay informed about what’s going on in the business world, CNBC has a program for you. 

With its wide variety of programming, CNBC has something to offer everyone. From business news to financial advice, CNBC has the coverage you need to stay informed about the world of business.

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