Traveling to Asia is something that everyone should do. Asia has lots to offer, from cheap fantastic cuisines that are different in each of the Asian countries, to intriguing cultures and friendly people. Millions of people from all over the world visit Asia and backpackers prefer Asia for the cheap costs of living in most Asian countries.

Are you curious about which two Asian countries you should visit and why? Check out these tips!


The rich culture of China is famous all over the world. Through its world-famous emperors and philosophers, Chinese culture was shaped to be one of the most unique Asian cultures in the world. The Southern province of Canton is the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine: a cuisine that we see in Chinese restaurants all over the world, with some local adaptations of course. This province is also called the “kitchen of the world” and offers some interesting dishes, such as Char siu barbecue meat, clay pot rice, and wonton noodles.

China is also famous for its kind and hospitable people. As a tourist in China, it’s very likely that at some point a local will come up and try to talk to you, even if they don’t speak a word of English. However, their happy smile will give you a warm feeling and make you feel welcome in this amazing country. To come in contact with Asian people before you travel, look here for more informations.

China is filled with famous landmarks that you should absolutely visit. The most famous is probably the Great Wall of China, which can be easily accessed through the capital Beijing or the surrounding villages. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Zhang Jia Jie. If you are a fan of the Avatar movie, this place will certainly look familiar to you. In this area, the first Avatar movie was partially filmed. Another famous province you shouldn’t skip is Sichuan. Here, you’ll find the famous Chengdu Zoo where you can admire the adorable baby pandas going about their day.


Malaysia is one of the most unique countries in Asia when it comes to ethnic groups. Because of a heavy immigration stream to the country, there are three ethnic groups living peacefully together, namely the Malay, Chinese, and Indians. This is especially visible in the capital Kuala Lumpur. If you visit different areas of the city, you’ll find that each area has its own predominantly visible ethnic group.

In Little India, you’ll find some of the most beautiful Indian temples, colorful streets, and the smell of authentic Indian food. Chinatown has some of the most delicious Chinese food and shops where you can buy all sorts of Chinese products. Certainly don’t forget to visit a traditional Malay restaurant and try some of their Mee goreng mamak, satay, or nasi.

In Malaysia, you’ll never be bored as the country boasts a mix of activities. In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find the famous KL Bird Park. This park has the world’s largest free-flight aviaries, along with some amazing tropical birds and a flock of free-roaming Ibis. The park gives you the opportunity to get up close with the animals, as you get to feed some species for just a small fee.

If you are a true bird lover, this park should certainly be on your list. Kuala Lumpur also houses one of the world’s most beautiful mosques, namely the National Mosque of Malaysia. The mosque offers free tours for tourists, even if you’re not Muslim. This tour gives you a unique view of the inside and outside, while you learn about Islam and Malaysia.

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