The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is no less than a man-made paradise. However, the UAE is not simply about shopping, splurging, and partying, there is an exquisitely ‘natural’ side to the nation, as well. You might be surprised to know that the UAE is a scuba diver’s haven. Both beginner and expert scuba divers will definitely find a diving experience that speaks to them in the UAE. 

Best Spots for Diving in the UAE: A Beginner’s Guide

To start, the Arabian Gulf offers an array of sites outside its harbor, whereas the East Coast bordering the Gulf of Oman in the Indian Ocean boasts pristine reefs and a few sporadic small wrecks. Some of the must-try diving spots of the UAE are – 

  1. Inchcape 1, Fujairah

People well-versed in scuba diving must have heard about Inchcape 1 in Fujairah. In 2001, Inchcape Shipping Services gave it to the UAE. The shipwreck is around 20 meters in length and is sitting keel-up. The water surrounding it flows into the Indian Ocean, which means that the underwater life is unique from what is seen on the coast. 

  1. Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

When we talk about the most interesting diving spots in the UAE, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai tops the list for many people. It has small spots that are great for beginners, and the view is to die for. You can find vibrant underwater life of the gulf and also shipwrecks to explore and swim through. The best part is diving in Jumeirah Beach is quite accessible, as the popularity of the location means ample diving agencies are available at an arm’s throw.

  1. Zainab, Dubai 

Dubai’s Zainab is a renowned scuba diving site, loved by both beginners and experts. The site of Zainab is settled at a depth of 30 meters on a flat sandy bottom, which is about 40 minutes by boat from the Dubai coastline. The wreck in Zainab is a result of an oil spill of 2001, which over time, has transformed into a cozy home for marine life

  1. Red Buoy

The fourth best diving site in the UAE has to be Red Buoy in Abu Dhabi. The location is full of marine life and the visibility remains intact throughout the year. So, if you are looking to enjoy your diving experience to the fullest, Red Buoy has got your back.

Some lucky people can also see a whale shark while diving. The Red Buoy wreck is at a depth of 11 meters and is 11 kilometers away from the coast of the Emirates. 

  1. Cement Barge 

Lastly, an exceptional diving experience is always guaranteed at Cement Barge. The wreck of the site is settled between 5 to 20 meters. And, the best part is that along you can find additional adventure spots like snorkeling and night diving at Cement Barge. 

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