YouTube is the king among modern social networks. Even though it has been launched for more than 15 years, the site hasn’t lost its relevance, and millions of new users join it every year. A lot has changed during its existence, but something has remained unchanged – the creators who stand out here have real success and become known outside the resource. But it doesn’t come out of nowhere – behind their fame are excellent engagement and reach indicators, as well as a former fan base.

But before they managed to reach a new level and become successful in a certain niche, it took quite a lot of effort and time. When it comes to attracting an audience and increasing views from a certain country, like the USA, many newcomers fall into a stupor.

Is it really possible to get thousands or millions of targeted views without sweat? Yes, and we’re here to share the 3 best ways that work this year, including buying YouTube USA views for ultra-fast results for a long time. Read on! 

  1. Create playlists for your content

It would seem such a small detail, but it can change the rules of the game in your promotion strategy. You see, experienced curators note that their content began to receive many times more views, comments, and other interactions when they added the video to a separate playlist. What’s the secret? It’s simple – auto-play. 

Auto-play is useful and effective for video creators for one simple reason; when a user is interested in a certain niche, format, or product, he wants to watch all the videos on this topic. What is important, he doesn’t need to do absolutely anything to keep the content playing one by one – the platform will automatically play the next video from the playlist. 

What are the pitfalls here? No matter how much you want all the content on the channel to get a bunch of views, you should not add everything in a row to one playlist. We strongly recommend separating your videos by topic and creating separate playlists for each. 

It will probably take a little more time, but you’ll make easy navigation and collect all the thematic videos in one place. 

As for getting American views, try creating separate playlists for the American audience. As an example, it may be an overview of new devices from American companies, the history of the country, or something else in which you can be an expert.

  1. Purchase of US views

At the moment, there is only one win-win option to get American views, which always works, and that is buying. No matter how much time and effort you spend on organic and natural promotion, the result is not guaranteed. 

This means that even after a couple of months of hard work on promotion in natural ways, the number of views may not increase at all. There are several reasons for this, but most often bloggers (especially beginners) are hampered by intense competition. 

Then offers from PR companies come into play, which, for a small fee, support influencers and help them improve the channel metric. The good news is that they are focusing on the needs of their customers, and are starting to offer more narrowly focused and targeted incentives for development.  

Buying US views is no exception – today this service has become available to absolutely everyone, regardless of the marketing budget. Unlike hiring specialists or sponsoring, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. On average, it takes about a few dollars to buy one metric, which is much more profitable than other investment options. 

Despite the cheapness, the quality is on top. No one will be able to distinguish purchased views from natural ones (even the security system), because they come from real people from America. It’s a great deal!

  1. Share your videos on other platforms

Last but not least, don’t get hung up on one resource. Of course, there is a huge audience and a lot of development opportunities, and that’s great. But if you have loyal followers on other platforms, be sure to inform them every time you post a new video.

There are many social media marketing channels that you can use without restrictions: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. They are like additional support for your content and attracting the attention of an existing subscriber base. 

At the same time, you don’t have to have several thousand fans – even if there are 100 or a little more, you can use this strategy too. In this case, the number of your followers is not as important as their loyalty. If you’ve managed to create a close enough relationship with your viewers/ readers and have a great credit of trust, they’ll immediately support you. We wish you success! 

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