Parkinson’s disease develops as a result of nerve cell degeneration in the part of the brain that controls movement, commonly known as the substantia nigra. During the process of dying or becoming impaired, these nerve cells lose their ability to produce a chemical known as dopamine. Patients with a substantia nigra loss of 80 percent or more develop Parkinson’s symptoms.

New Parkinson’s disease medications are being developed to make daily medication more convenient as well as more effective in 2023. Let’s take a look at the potential for Parkinson’s disease treatments and how one famous celebrity has dealt with his diagnosis for the past 25 years.

Parkinson’s Disease Treatments

Despite extensive research, Parkinson’s disease has remained largely unknown. It has been suggested that oxidative stress, toxins in the environment, genetic factors, and the acceleration of aging might be responsible for the problem. Certainly, developing the disease can affect health, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be fatal.

Parkinson’s disease is estimated to affect between one and 1.5 million Americans, with 60,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Parkinson’s is generally considered a non-fatal disease, though it has been said to negatively influence life expectancy. However, as of 2003, approximately 18,000 Americans died as a result of Parkinson’s disease and related complications. Most people develop the disease after they reach the age of 55.

Stem Cell Research

Parkinson’s disease stem cell research may prove useful in treating Parkinson’s disease. Inflammation can be targeted and reduced by mesenchymal stem cells, which may assist with neurological diseases. 

As Brian Snyder reported in a 2005 study, stem cells are capable of providing an almost endless supply of optimal dopaminergic neurons, compared with transplanted fetal mesencephalic tissue. Dopamine neurons can be differentiated from stem cells after transplantation in animal models of Parkinson’s disease.

Cannabinoid Treatment

Several illnesses and diseases, including Parkinson’s disease (PD), are being treated with marijuana, also known as cannabis. Despite this interest, marijuana’s benefits for PD have not been conclusively proven scientifically. 

In general, cannabis has been studied as a treatment for PD in small studies that tend to be biased. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial is the standard of gold for clinical trials, but most studies have not followed that standard. Five subjects were used in some studies.

Even though some medical marijuana studies have shown positive results, the effects of marijuana remain largely unknown. In order to overcome this issue, more studies are needed, especially ones with a greater number of subjects.  

Levodopa Treatments

Parkinson’s disease (PD) drug levodopa is currently available. It is the most common and oldest prescription medication for PD. Under-the-skin infusion of levodopa is currently being reviewed by the FDA in order to address Parkinson’s symptoms. An application for a new drug (NDA) has recently been submitted by the pharmaceutical company AbbVie. The FDA now has a period of 10 months in which to review materials and determine whether to approve them.

If approved, levodopa infused into the body may provide new treatment options for people with Parkinson’s disease whose symptoms cannot be adequately controlled by oral medication alone. Parkinson’s disease patients may experience periods of good and poor symptom control over the course of the day. These fluctuations are known as motor fluctuations. Some people are unable to control their motor fluctuations and may require more invasive treatments, like levodopa gel ingested or focused ultrasound, or deep brain stimulation.

Michael J. Fox – His Struggles With Parkinson’s Disease

Upon reaching 29 years of age, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease. As a result of his disclosure of Parkinson’s disease in 1998, he became an advocate for increased Parkinson’s research. In light of new priorities, Fox announced his retirement from “Spin City” following the completion of his fourth season and 100th episode.

Later that year, he founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, which has been referred to as one of the nation’s most credible voices in Parkinson’s research. The Foundation has galvanized the search for a cure for Parkinson’s disease (PD) by being the world’s largest non-profit funder of Parkinson’s drug development. His tireless advocacy for patients is highly regarded.

As an author and speaker, Fox discusses his tendency to view challenges through an optimistic and humorous lens, including his Parkinson’s disease. Every decision he made to take action – no matter how small – to help advance research toward a cure has always been accompanied by gratitude for the support he has received from his fellow Parkinson’s patients.

Michael J Fox Parkinson's Disease research

Final Thoughts

There can be a lot of confusion regarding which of the 2023 Parkinson’s treatments and medications are most appropriate for you, and which are the best to use. Especially if your symptoms are under control, newer may not always be better. It is important to know all the options you have available to you and to work closely with your doctor in order to find the right Parkinson’s disease treatment available.

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