Bitget Flexible Savings offers a secure and straightforward way for users to increase their cryptocurrency assets and earn interest every day. Users can deposit funds into any of our Savings products, including USDT stablecoin, DOT, and NEAR, with more coins to be added in the future. Subscribers to Savings products also have a chance to win BGB rewards.

The article lists the current interest rates for the available crypto assets on Bitget Savings and provides instructions on how to start saving.

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Bitget Flexible Savings

Industry-leading APY: We are offering industry-leading returns, like DOT Savings with 5.6% APR. More assets will be available soon, so stay tuned!

Earn interest daily: The daily interest payout will be calculated using the following formula: Est. Daily Interest = Subion Amount × Est. APY / 365. 

Redeemable at any time: You don’t have to lock up your savings for long periods to earn interest. Withdraw your assets at any time! That’s why it’s called ‘Flexible’!

Supports Auto-Transfer: Auto-Transfer automatically deposits your chosen assets in your Spot account to Flexible Savings every day at 6 AM (UTC). You can toggle Auto-Transfer ‘on’ or ‘off’ on the Subion Confirmation page.

Product details

Digital AssetsDurationMin. Subion LimitMax. Subion LimitTotal Product QuotaEst. APY*
USDTFlexible0.1 USDT60,000 USDT3,000,000 USDT2.40%
NEARFlexible0.1 NEAR10,000 NEAR500,000 NEAR4.40%
DOTFlexible0.1 DOT4000 DOT200,000 DOT5.60%

What is Bitget Fixed Savings?

Compared with our Flexible Savings – a value-added product with flexible terms, Bitget Fixed Savings product has a higher return and a fixed subscription period.

You can now find multiple investment options available, all grouped under the Bitget Crypto Savings section.

What Are the Benefits of Fixed Savings?

Low risks: The same number of assets locked will be returned to you, along with yields paid out in the same type of asset.

Higher APRs: It brings you the opportunity to receive higher returns than Flexible Savings.

Multiple investment options: You can choose your idle crypto assets and your preferred fixed period with options of 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.

How Does it Work?

Once subscribed, your assets will be locked in the savings account for the entire period selected, and the interest will be calculated from the next day (D+1).

Interest distribution: There are two ways to distribute interest. One is the interest will be distributed daily to your spot accounts. The other method is all interest will be distributed once on the last day of the subscription period.

Redemption: After the investment period is due, your locked assets and yields will be returned to your spot account. Some fixed savings products may support early redemption (Please note that early redemption for some fixed savings products may lead to a penalty fee).

The subscription terms and redemption rules may vary for different asset types and their available subscription packages. Please check them out carefully before settling your subscription.

A Tool You May Need for Your Investments

The crypto converter is an essential tool for crypto investment activities, and Bitget has a tool that will be perfect to match your needs. Bitget’s crypto converter allows you to quickly and easily exchange between different cryptocurrencies, and view real-time exchange rates and fees. It supports hundreds of mainstream and niche digital currencies, covering the exchange needs of the vast majority of cryptocurrencies. 

Compared to other converters, Bitget’s crypto converter offers faster exchange speed and can be used without registration and verification. It also has an intuitive interface design and simple exchange operations. At Bitget, we know that the success or failure of crypto investors often lies in timely capturing market trends. Our crypto converter allows you to quickly adjust your portfolio based on market conditions to seize investment opportunities. In addition, Bitget’s crypto converter also provides a stable and secure conversion experience.

Final Word

BitGet uses industry-leading security technology to protect user assets and privacy. If you want to more effectively utilize crypto conversion tools in crypto investment, Bitget Converter will be your best choice. Come try Bitget and you will immediately discover how it enhances your trading experience.

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