Latency or ping is the delay caused between the data sent as a request over the internet and when you receive a response. It can be very frustrating for a user to experience high Internet latency as it leads to a slower Internet speed, lagging while playing games, and an overall poor Internet experience. If you experience lagging or signal instability while using internet services by HughesNet, it can be because of one of the following reasons. 

  • Satellite internet gets affected because of the weather, especially when it rains. 
  • Satellite internet services do not work or have limited connectivity whenever there are building and other structures around that can cause obstruction. 

Since HughesNet’s satellite internet service relays signals using satellite, it is not at all recommended for playing games. However, you can use the following ways to fix the latency of your Internet connection when you are using HughesNet Internet. 

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Before you get to the technicalities, it is important that you make sure that your HughesNet Internet satellite connection is working properly. Check to see if the cables and connection between the modem and router and make sure that they are secure. If you use a WiFi connection, try connecting the device directly to the modem via an Ethernet cable to prevent any potential issues with the wireless network. 

However, if you are using HughesNet Internet, you get built-in WiFi so that you can connect WiFi devices to your home. 

2. Move the Satellite Dish Closer to your Home

Just like WiFi signals, your satellite signals can get weak if they have to travel to a distant location. You can experience Internet latency due to a weak signal reception from your satellite dish to your internet modem inside your home. If it is possible, you can move your satellite dish to a closer location and get better signals. You can ask your service provider if the satellite dish can be placed safely on the roof, fixed to the side of the home, or set up on your patio. 

3. Make Sure Your Dish Is Present In an Open Space

Satellite internet speeds and signal reception depend on the place where the satellite dish is present. Keeping this in mind, it is essential that you get your satellite connection installed in a place where the signals do not get obstructed by solid structures like buildings, trees, etc. Since people usually use HughesNet Internet in rural areas and remote locations, you might not find these structures in such places. 

Also, you must keep in mind that the satellites that are used for information rotate around the Earth and so they should be placed in the same position. HughesNet’s technicians are skillful enough to get you professional-level installation at your home. 

HughesNet Internet Latency

4. Limit Network Traffic

Too much traffic on the network can lead to a higher latency and if you have multiple devices connected to your HughesNet internet simultaneously, it can burden the network. You can consider limiting the number of devices connected to the network or look for ways to prioritize bandwidth usage for essential activities. 

For instance, if you work online, you might want to reduce the number of devices connected to the network. Also, you can delay playing games for a while and reserve the bandwidth and allocate it for your work. 

5. Contact HughesNet’s Customer Service 

If you think that you have tried almost everything and are still experiencing Internet latency issues with the HughesNet service, you can contact their customer service team and they can provide you with the best help to troubleshoot the issue. HughesNet has the best customer service staff and technical team who can help you in every way possible. They can identify and resolve the problem that might be causing latency. 

Take Aways

HughesNet provides the best satellite internet connection for people in the US. But there is always an instance when you might experience high Internet latency, slow services, and other problems. However, you can always seek assistance from their customer service and get support related to different internet deals, technical issues, etc. Their customer service number can be found easily on their website. 

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