Although lawyers choose broadly between specializing in criminal laws and civil laws, those who prefer the latter must focus on some niche area, such as family law, like the lawyers at Strategic Lawyersa law firm. Family lawyers are specialists in family Laws comprising matrimonial, child law, and finance. Lawyers can specialize in child law or matrimonial or serve a mixed client base. The broad scope of family laws even includes domestic violence, child neglect and abuse, and guardianship. However, handling divorce cases involving couples with kids can be pretty challenging for lawyers as they have to deal with many emotions while making decisions.

 Divorce of couples with kids

Handling divorce cases for couples with kids requires a lot of sensitivity on the part of lawyers as they try to ensure that their clients receive a just and fair decision, whether for spousal maintenance, child custody, or child protection. The parents must cooperate with the lawyer to determine a solution by satisfactorily addressing legal, financial, and emotional challenges. However, if you are contemplating divorce with kids, you must understand the process to work alongside your lawyer and extend full support.

Filing for Divorce

Having decided to separate from your spouse, you must first contact a family lawyer to file a divorce. It’s the first step in untying the knot by dissolving your marriage legally. Depending on the state laws, you might have to go through a period of separation before filing for divorce. The separation allows some cooling time for couples to rethink if they would consider reconciliation. Your lawyer can guide you in this regard. You must file the divorce in the state and county where you reside currently. Ending a marriage with children requires a lot of documentation, and the process is more complicated than ending the marriage of a couple without kids.

 Speeding up divorce

Divorce suits take time to address the legal issues before annulling your marriage, but if you are unable to wait, tell your lawyer to petition the court to arrange for emergency orders or a temporary hearing. Such a situation may arise if your children are at risk of your spouse’s abusive behavior. It can also result from disputes about children’s financial support, the family’s living situation, and access to children pending divorce. The court can issue a temporary order to restrain domestic violence or other aggressive behavior pending the finalization of your divorce.

 Divorce settlement agreement

If your spouse agrees in matters related to spousal and child support, child custody shared- decision-making, living arrangements, and more, then you can draft a settlement agreement. The document serves as a reference for setting the terms of the judgment confirming the divorce.

Upon filing for divorce, your spouse receives the divorce papers and gets some time to respond. They might agree with the facts filed by you, dispute those, or file a counter-complaint. Finally, the court proceedings take place to conclude the case. 

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