OK, in all fairness, Bill Clinton probably never said this, but in the spirit of the US Midterm Election Results 2022, we thought it would be funny to pretend he did. Obviously, Clinton experienced a bit of turmoil during his tenure as US President, amid a bit of scandal due to the Lewinskygate ordeal many years ago. Nowadays most US voters regard the situation with a grain of salt and we are able to poke a bit of fun now the years have passed.

When I Was President, Every Day Was Hump Day

Bill Clinton, former POTUS

US Midterm Election Results 2022

Bill Clinton's Hump Day quote during midterm election results 2022

At this point in the polling results for the US Midterm Elections 2022, we can’t actually determine whether or not Republicans will take control of the House or not. There was wide speculation that Republicans would be heavily elected across the board, but that threat never fully materialized. As of Wednesday morning, Republicans are still a few seats short of a majority with several states still tightly contested. This a positive sign for Democrats and President Biden, that Republicans don’t seem to have the level of support in the midterm elections most experts predicted.

Even if Republicans ultimately prevail, the strong Democratic performance in the face of President Biden’s poor job approval rating is remarkable.

Nathan Gonzales, publisher of Inside Elections

To finish off the midterm election results, Republicans need to elect just another five seats to regain the majority in the House of Representatives and end two years of Democratic control of Congress and the White House. Currently, Democrats hold 220 House seats, while Republicans hold 212 seats, along with three vacancies. Nonpartisan analysts thought the GOP could pick up as many as 30 additional seats in the midterm elections, but Republican gains appear likely to be much smaller than that.

Happy Midterm Election Results Hump Day 2022!

Nov 10, 2022 Updates

Control of the Senate and US House was still undecided as of Thursday morning, with Democratic votes continuing to flow in, but with Republicans still looking to reclaim control by a barely significant margin. A few close match-ups remain undecided in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia.

Updates to US Midterm Election Results 2022
Updates Courtesy CNBC and NBC News

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