Disclaimer: Vladimir Putin has not been assassinated as of this writing, this is merely speculation on the repercussions of said event, should it ever occur. A Vladimir Putin assassination is neither publicly planned nor imminent, but the world best ought to be prepared should the ball eventually drop.

The assassination of Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, would have a profound impact on the world. The repercussions of his death would be felt far and wide, from the Kremlin to the White House and beyond. Putin has been a major player on the global stage for over two decades, and his influence has been felt in many areas, from the economy to international relations. As such, the ramifications of his death would be far-reaching and unpredictable.

Vladimir Putin Assassination Short-Term Repercussions

Vladimir Putin on a tank caricature

In the short term, the most immediate effect of Putin’s assassination would be a period of political and economic instability in Russia. The immediate aftermath of his death would be characterized by uncertainty and confusion as the Russian people, as well as the international community, tried to make sense of the situation.

In the absence of a clear successor, there would be a power vacuum in the Kremlin. This could lead to a period of political unrest and economic turmoil, as various factions vied for power. It is likely that the Russian economy would suffer, as investors pulled out of the country and foreign companies stopped doing business in Russia.

The international community would also be affected by Putin’s death. Putin has been a major player in international affairs, and his death would leave a void that would be difficult to fill. It is likely that the United States and other Western countries would be left scrambling to fill the void and reassert their influence in the region. This could lead to increased tensions between Russia and the West, as each side sought to gain the upper hand in the region.

The Long-Term Effects of Vladimir Putin’s Assassination

In the long term, the effects of Putin’s death would be even more far-reaching. Without Putin at the helm, Russia would likely become more isolated from the rest of the world. This could lead to a decrease in international trade and investment, as well as a decrease in the number of foreign visitors to the country. This could have a serious impact on the Russian economy, as the country relies heavily on foreign investment and tourism for its economic growth.

At the same time, a Vladimir Putin assassination could also lead to a weakening of Russia’s political influence in the region. Without Putin’s strong leadership, it is likely that Russia’s influence in the region would diminish. This could lead to a decrease in Russia’s ability to project its power and influence in the region, as well as a decrease in its ability to shape regional politics.

The Theory of Russia’s Dissolution

In the wake of the recent deaths of two high-profile allies of Vladimir Putin, Dzhasharbek Uzdenov and Nikolay Bortsov, there is some reason to be concerned about the safety of the long standing and generally disliked Russian president.

Paul Goble, a former CIA analyst, said the potential for an assassination of the leader would likely cause Russia to break up into several mini states. The dissolution of Russia would largely be a result of the Russians’ disastrous outcome in their war with Ukraine. After more than a year after invading Ukraine, Russian troops are having trouble making progress.

The war with Ukraine has already caused deterioration in Russia, from an already-suffering world standing to its own internal lack of cohesion. It has been estimated that the Russians have wasted nearly $19 billion in equipment and have lost nearly 200,000 troops due to air, sea, and ground fighting.

Goble said experts and analysts are now even more “open” to the notion of Russia breaking up into a splintered state, causing the end of the Russian Federation.

Collapse of Russia due to Vladimir Putin Assassination

Final Thoughts

Finally, a Vladimir Putin assassination could also lead to a weakening of Russia’s international standing. Putin has been a major player in the international arena, and his death could lead to a decrease in Russia’s ability to influence global affairs. This could lead to a decrease in Russia’s ability to shape global events, as well as a decrease in its ability to participate in international organizations and treaties.

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