Missouri seems to have a favorite when it comes to vehicles: the Ford F-series pickup. However, it would be unfair to call it only a local preference. The popularity of Ford’s pickup trucks isn’t just a local trend. 

Over the last 38 years, their iconic trucks have remained the best-selling vehicles in America. Jiyan Cadiz, a spokesperson for Ford, told CNN that historically, the F150 wasn’t just a lifestyle choice. Instead, it was a workhorse that people bought because they needed a truck. 

Well, it looks like people still need trucks because Ford’s sales figures are excellent. In Q3 2023, Ford delivered a total of 190,477 units of the F-series in the United States, a 13% increase compared to sales in Q3 2022​.

Given such context, the rapport between Missourians and the Ford F-series is not coincidental. In this article, let’s try to further understand why Missourians love the F Series so much.

What Makes the F-Series So Popular in Missouri?

The consistent preference for the Ford F-Series underscores Missourians’ inclination towards vehicles that offer practical utility. The F-Series is known for its towing capacity, payload, and off-road capabilities, which align well with the state’s terrain. 

It also has a long-standing reputation for reliability and durability, which likely resonates with Missourians. A vehicle’s longevity and ability to withstand the test of time often translate to trustworthiness. This is a trait highly valued in a lot of Midwest states. Do you know what another desirable trait is in the Midwest? Raw performance. 

The Power Is Unparalleled.

The 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty is advertised as the “smartest and most capable truck” Ford has ever built. For instance, the Raptor models can offer you 450 horsepower and an impressive 510 lb-ft of torque. 

This can go even higher with the top-end Raptor R, which gives you 700 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque. That kind of power makes for a lot of happy customers, be it in Missouri or elsewhere. 

The Technology Is Actually Helpful

The embedded 5G capability and Wi-Fi hotspot feature are also invaluable, especially in rural parts of Missouri where connectivity might be challenging.

Similarly, the Pro Power Onboard Generator System is a notable addition to the Super Duty lineup. It provides a power source on the go for tools and equipment. This also reflects Ford’s approach of trying to meet the practical needs of its customers​, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Missourians. 

The new tech features in the 2023 models also prioritize driver safety. You can now use a head-up display (HUD), which gives you quick visual access to vital information. This includes the speed limit, the vehicle’s actual speed, and navigational cues. 

Advice for First-Time Buyers

The F-series is no slouch, and if you aren’t careful, its power can end up seriously hurting you. If this happens to be the first time you are buying a vehicle in Missouri, consider finding a comprehensive insurance policy. It’s well worth the money, considering how dangerous the roads can be today.

According to TorHoerman Law, if you end up in a crash, you should always stop. Don’t drive away. You may feel scared, but fight the urge to run. On the other hand, you should seek justice if you are a victim.

Most of the time, a good St. Louis car accident lawyer can help address any legal issues that might arise after an accident. We mention St. Louis because it’s a city with several great law firms, but any good lawyer in Missouri should be able to help you. 

Do You Really Need an F-Series Pickup?

Purchasing a vehicle, especially a robust pickup like the Ford F-Series, is a significant decision. These aren’t exactly affordable options for many people, but they will last you a long time, thus making them worth investing in. For Missourians, the decision is often intertwined with both practical and economic factors. 

You first want to evaluate your primary usage requirements. Are you involved in agriculture, construction, or any other occupation that requires a strong, reliable vehicle? 

Or are you an outdoor enthusiast who frequents Missouri’s beautiful camping spots and lakes? For either situation, the F-series should work well. However, if you don’t travel that much or work from home, then give it a little more thought. 

If you really like the idea of owning a pickup, do some research. Find out if you really need all the bells and whistles that come in the top-end model. After all, one of the advantages of the F-series is the range of models on offer.


Missouri is a state that loves its trucks, and this is a fact. The state only had about 2 million registered cars in 2021, while trucks easily outnumbered them at 3.5 million. 

Missourians clearly have a close relationship with Fords, barring a few exceptions, of course. 

The power, versatility, and iconic branding that the F-series offers are important factors that make it a state favorite. That said, it would also be nice if newer auto companies were also given a chance to shine. After all, the more choices consumers have, the better. For now, the F-Series is more than able to meet and exceed the expectations of Missourians.

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