There is enough scope for improving your overall appearance by undergoing tummy tuck surgery to achieve a flat, fat-free, and tight stomach for a more shapely body. The tummy tuck is one of the body contouring surgeries performed across the abdominal area, and there are other similar skin tightening and fat removal procedures for reshaping other body parts like the buttocks, thighs, and arms. Besides the varied locations for performing the surgical procedure across different body parts, body-contouring surgeries aim to create a shapely body that involves other fat removal procedures. Since the methods also involve skin tightening, plastic surgeons are most competent for such surgeries. Since maximum fat accumulation happens around the abdomen, most men and women undergo tummy tuck surgery.

  • What is a tummy tuck?

Better known as abdominoplasty in medical terminology, the surgical procedure of tummy tuck is ideal for removing excess fat and skin from around the abdomen and fortifying the weakened muscles. When diet and exercise fail to contain fat accumulation in the abdominal area, a tummy tuck is the most effective option for a slim, trim waistline and a fat-free, tight belly. On completing the procedure, you will get that firm abs despite advancing age. Post-pregnancy, women tend to develop flabby abdomens mainly due to sagging skin and can regain the tightness by undergoing tummy tuck surgery. However, to preserve the gains from the surgery, you must follow a strict diet plan, exercise regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Performing the procedure

Consult a physician when you go for a tummy tuck and get confirmation that you are the right candidate for the procedure. Your physician might recommend a plastic surgeon, or you can choose someone by obtaining references from your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances with prior experience. The surgeon performs the procedure by putting the patient under general anesthesia, creating horizontal incisions across the abdominal area, lifting excess skin, and removing unwanted fat. In the next step, the surgeon repairs the abdominal muscles and might even go for another incision based on the skin volume for removal. The area around the navel is mainly chosen for the second incision. The procedure ends with the surgeon closing the incisions using sutures, tapes or clips, and skin adhesives.  

  • Body contouring or tummy tuck – which to choose

Depending on your body constitution and shape and your goals of reshaping the body, the surgeon can advise whether you need body contouring or a tummy tuck. If your body is grossly out of shape, contouring can help you regain a shapely body. However, if a protruding belly with sagging skin is your main concern, a tummy tuck is an obvious choice. 

However, if you decide to go for a tummy tuck, you must follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain the flatness and firmness of the stomach for much longer, or else your efforts will go to waste. Doing a tummy tuck periodically is not an option. We recommend that you consult a good surgeon before you do anything. 

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