If you’re a DVC member, then you already know the importance of planning and booking your vacations in advance. But what if we told you that there’s an even better way to maximize your DVC membership? Enter the DVC Availability Calendar – a powerful tool that can help you unlock the hidden potential of your membership.

Keep reading to discover how this calendar can revolutionize the way you plan your Disney vacations.

Member Website

The DVC Availability Calendar, a convenient tool for members, can be accessed through the member website. It offers a user-friendly interface and is readily available for all members to utilize. To get started, simply login to your account and navigate to the “Availability” tab, where you can explore and manage your desired dates with ease.

Understanding the Calendar

The DVC Availability Calendar may seem overwhelming at first, with its colors and numbers. But don’t worry, we’re here to simplify it for you. The calendar shows booked and available DVC reservations.

Green means available, while red indicates fully booked dates. Hover over any date for more details on room types, required points, and other important information.

DVC Point Chart

The DVC Availability Calendar also includes a points chart. It shows the points needed for each room type and date range, helping you plan your vacation based on your point balance.

You can simply click on any room type in the availability calendar to view its corresponding points chart. Click here for DVC point charts.

Booking Windows

Understanding DVC reservation booking windows is crucial to maximize your membership benefits. These windows vary based on your home resort and use year. Check the availability calendar for accurate information.

For fixed-week contracts, book the same week at any DVC resort 11 months in advance. Points-based contracts have a booking window of 7-11 months. Stay updated on your home resort’s specific booking window through the availability calendar to secure your desired dates.

Color Coding

Apart from green and red, the availability calendar also uses other colors to help you navigate efficiently. The legend on the right side of the calendar explains these colors in detail. It’s important to note that some resort reservations may have specific restrictions based on your membership type or home resort.

Special Events and Holidays

The DVC Availability Calendar is your go-to tool for planning vacations during peak seasons, such as holidays and special events. These dates are usually in high demand and require early booking to secure your desired accommodations. With the help of the availability calendar, you can plan and ensure a stress-free vacation experience.

Planning Tips from the Experts

Now that you know the ins and outs of the DVC Availability Calendar, here are some expert tips to help you make the most out of your membership:

  • Book early
  • Be flexible with dates and resorts
  • Utilize the waitlist feature
  • Stay updated on booking windows and availability

By following these tips, you can unlock the full potential of your DVC membership and enjoy DVC services with your loved ones.

Learn How to Use the DVC Availability Calendar

The DVC Availability Calendar is an invaluable resource for all DVC members. By understanding its features and utilizing it effectively, you can plan and book your vacations with ease and convenience. So, the next time you’re planning a Disney trip, don’t forget to consult the DVC Availability Calendar and unlock the hidden potential of your membership. Happy vacation planning!

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