Kitchen usage has evolved over the years, and due to these frequent changes, kitchen design is an ongoing learning experience. Nowadays, kitchens are not used only as cooking areas but also as multipurpose areas (like dining, entertaining, working areas, etc.). Hence, it is essential to consider these things when redesigning a kitchen and even do pre-planning if you are building your kitchen from scratch.

Affinity Kitchen’s expert kitchen designers have devised a guide comprising things to consider when redesigning a kitchen.

More Things To Consider When Redesigning A Kitchen

kitchen walk-in pantry redesign

As discussed previously in Part 1 of this topic, deciding on an effective, functional, and convenient kitchen layout is the foremost task you must consider when renovating your kitchen. You must plan for appliance placement space, cabinetry, flooring, ventilation, and lighting options that you will require to design a cozy and comfortable kitchen. Apart from these, let us walk you through several other kitchen design essentials.

Are New Appliances Necessary When Redesigning Your Kitchen?

Every appliance in your kitchen doesn’t need to be replaced in a kitchen redesign. For instance, you could keep your stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, etc. However, it requires extra thought to ensure that your renovation appears elegant and presentable.

You can keep the appliances functioning properly that match your kitchen theme and replace others that don’t. Of course, all of this comes down to your budget. Based on your budget, you can always buy more appliances if required or upgrade to advanced technology. 

Remember to measure enough space for accommodating appliances. When planning, you must gauge appliance depth and width and leave space around the appliances for circulation. 

Consider The Type of Kitchen Flooring You Will Need

Flooring is another element to decide on at the initial stage. Spills and splatter are inevitable, so purchasing durable, safe flooring with cleaning ease is crucial. Your budget, aesthetics, and utility will influence the flooring material you choose. Some flooring options are luxury vinyl tiles, real stone, laminate, real wood, wood-like tiles, engineered timber, etc.

Nice-To-Haves In a New or Redesigned Kitchen

Some of the nice-to-haves to incorporate when designing or redesigning a kitchen are:

  • Boiling Water Tap

Replace the kettle with a boiling water tap that instantly releases hot water. The water is stored in a tank beneath the sink at the proper temperature. It is more cost-effective, less time-consuming, and more energy-efficient.

redesigning a kitchen to include water filters
  • Walk-in Pantry

It combines shelving, door racks, drawers, etc., providing various storage options for kitchen gadgets, food, beverages, etc. Its design can be customized to the available kitchen shape and space. 

  • Wine Fridge

A wine refrigerator adds to the drinking experience and ensures the flavor and potential of your drinks. They are available in different sizes.

  • Garbage Disposal (garburator)

This electrical equipment is positioned underneath a kitchen sink between the trap and the drain. It fragments food waste into tiny bits (<2 mm diameter) that can pass through drainage.


Kitchen redesigning involves a lot of thought processes, efforts, and consideration of numerous elements. We have discussed major things to consider when redesigning your kitchen that will help you. For more information, visit the Affinity Kitchen website.

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