Couples are getting more comfortable watching porn together, with taboos and stigmas fading. And experts say this is a good thing.

Watching adult films can help couples communicate better about their erotic fantasies. This can be particularly helpful for shy couples who are not sure what their hot buttons are.

It also teaches partners that fantasizing about other people is normal and healthy, especially in long-term relationships.

Increases Arousal and Orgasm

Watching porn is often a sexy experience that stimulates one’s senses. As a result, many people report it as an easy way to reach orgasm. Men often use porn to reach orgasm more quickly than women.

 Couples should also try erotic media, such as written erotic stories or audio sex.

Ultimately, watching porn can help couples become more intimate with their sexual desires and fantasies. Couples who can discuss these topics are more likely to be able to turn that excitement into sexual experiences that they enjoy.

Shared Experience

Watching pornography can be a great shared experience for couples. It can inspire them with new sexual positions or help them discover what turns their partner on. Lev recommends discussing the purpose before watching and checking in with one another during and after the experience to make sure it’s comfortable, fun, and sexy for both of them.

Some research shows that couples who regularly watch porn have greater relationship satisfaction than those who never do. However, this depends on the type of porn that’s protected, how it’s used in the bedroom, and the expectations of each individual.

Many women report that watching pornography with their partners helps bring out conversations about their sexual fantasies and in assisting them in understanding their partners. It’s also a form of foreplay that leads to fantastic sex for both. Thus, they can find out more exciting features about sex when they subscribe to a porn site. Various selections of excellent porn videos will help them achieve their greatest sexual satisfaction.

Less Need to Act Out Outside of the Relationship

Watching porn with a partner can be a great way to bond and share sexual fantasies. It also allows couples to see what turns their partner on and off in vivid detail, which can be valuable insight if you are naturally shy about discussing these topics with your partner.

If you and your partner decide to explore the world of porn together, check in with each other before, during, and after each show to be sure that it is working for your relationship. 

Insight into Partner’s Fantasy

Watching porn makes couples more intimate with what turns them on sexually and helps them explore new positions, erogenous zones, role-playing, and more. This can also help couples to overcome their sexual inhibitions and insecurities, which can make them less confident in the bedroom.

Pornography can also give couples insight into their partner’s fantasies which can be a great way to build trust and bonding. This can also help to alleviate some of the resentment and feelings of betrayal that can sometimes arise from discovering one’s partner’s sexual interests outside of the relationship.

Many sex therapists recommend watching porn as an effective tool to reinvigorate intimacy. 

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