Home slip and fall accidents are rampant in the modern world for different reasons. The leading cause of these accidents is poorly-built and old residential properties. Seniors are among the most vulnerable groups and victims of these falls and slips.

With the senior population booming in the US right now, we must understand the first steps to take after a senior in your home or neighborhood becomes a victim of these incidents. The personal injury claims’ statute of limitations in Connecticut is two years. Unfortunately, these accidents can cause severe injuries, while others are fatal.

The information below will guide you better on this subject to help you understand the best actions after a senior near you falls victim to a slip and fall accident, whether they result in injuries or not.

Consult a Reliable Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer should be the first person you contact when a senior in your home finds themselves in a slip and fall accident. These legal professionals understand the subsequent steps after you report the incident to them. You’ll realize that the demand for these attorneys’ services has ballooned over the last few years as more people understand the need to contact them. Fortunately, you don’t have to go over your head to find a Connecticut slip and fall lawyer because you have a long list. Such a lawyer is your best shot to document and record what happened during the incident.

Take the Victim to a Medical Facility

Slips and falls can adversely affect the victim’s health, but some injuries aren’t instantly apparent. Some individuals make the mistake of thinking that the senior doesn’t require any medical attention simply because there’re no apparent injuries. Sometimes, you can take days, weeks, or even months to understand the damage’s full extent. Internal bleeding is a typical result of these accidents, and it can be challenging to identify it if you don’t visit a doctor. The medical practitioner will conduct a complete examination of the patient to assess any unnoticeable injuries. Additionally, the severity of the injuries plays a critical role in the victim’s compensation.

Scene Documentation

Personal injury compensation has several demands, including proof that the slip and fall accidents really happened. This is the main reason to document everything that led to the slip and fall accident. The first documentation technique is interviewing the victim, as long as you can confirm they’re in their right mind and can remember everything. Alternatively, talk to witnesses and have them record their statements with the local Connecticut authorities regarding the incident. The witnesses should give an account of their side of the story to help your lawyer determine how to handle the case.

Statistics show that there were about 21036 attorneys in Connecticut in 2023, some of who specialize in personal injury cases. You should also consider taking pictures and recording videos of the situation. The evidence you present plays a material role in the ease of the compensation process and increases the chances of the victim receiving appropriate payment for the damages. If you can’t make the documentation yourself, you can get help from friends, family, and neighbors. Moreover, the documented proof is substantial in proving liability and getting adequately compensated.

Repair Your Home

man repairs his home to prevent slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can cause severe damage to the victim, but you should also consider how it affects your house. For instance, if an unfortunate scene happens on the staircase, it may break a few steps. After an incident, you should access your home to identify which areas need your attention. Home renovations after a slip and fall accident should be your priority because they help your Connecticut home to function optimally. Fortunately, many home insurance providers cover these repairs in their policies, reducing renovation expenses.

Final Thoughts

Immobility, imbalance, and dilapidated houses are among the major causes of slip-and-fall accidents among seniors. These incidences have left many with lifelong injuries and led to the death of others. That’s why you should know the steps to take after such an occurrence to ensure your loved one gets compensation for the damages. This is the information you gather from the above-explained points. There’s no particular way to follow these steps, but the first one should always be to contact a lawyer and seek immediate medical assistance.

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