A well-fitted polo will softly hug your body. Look for solid or striped polo shirts with multiple shades. Pop collars should be avoided as they are too casual and an outdated fashion trend.Polo sleeves should hit approximately midway down your bicep without being tight or baggy, with a tennis tail to finish off the shirt and prevent it from riding up when untucked.

Polo shirts are staple items to have in your wardrobe and with just a few adjustments, you can make a statement with your outfit.

Wearing a Polo Shirt for Maximum Flair

Tuck it in

Adding a polo shirt under your blazer can add extra distinction when worn to work. Polo shirts make a casual yet dressy statement that will set off any suit’s aesthetic, so just ensure the appropriate size polo shirt doesn’t billow out over your suit jacket and create an unruly appearance; too tight would restrict movement and create discomfort.

When dressing for casual events, try pairing a polo shirt with jeans and a stylish belt for an attractive yet casual ensemble that is ideal for dates that don’t necessitate formal wear such as a coat or tie.

Untuck it

Polo shirts are essential components of a strong wardrobe. Their simple, versatile nature allows for multiple styles to be worn without falling into sartorial fatigue. From plain piques to slogan stag do polos, there is sure to be one suitable for every event and season.

Tucking polos into jeans can create an elegant and professional aesthetic, instantly projecting professionalism. However, you should avoid wearing a polo shirt with different lengths in front and back; this could give an awkward and disorganized appearance.

Add an extra pop of style by pairing your polo shirt with chinos – both casual and professional looks will look fantastic in any season or situation! Add a watch for extra flair. Or go a step further by pairing it with a blazer to ensure this outfit adheres to the dress code at your facility.

Pair It With Jeans

polo shirts girl with jeans

Although its roots lie in tennis, polo shirts have long since transcended casual Fridays and suburban dad-dom. Today they can be found everywhere from Nantucket yachtsmen to West Coast skaters – making them a timeless essential in modern men’s wardrobes.

Wearing the perfect polo can transform you into an effortlessly stylish individual. To complete the look, it is key that it fits well and features a sturdy collar; this will help create a clean and tidy appearance when all buttons are secured securely.

Be careful when selecting a polo with too many large logos; this can detract from its style and come off as pretentious. In addition, ensure it has sleeves that end approximately midway down your arm to avoid looking too short or like it covers up your biceps.

Pair It With a Blazer

Polos can make a statement in any setting – not just among Nantucket yachtsmen and West Coast skaters! Polos are great staples for anyone wanting to look smart without wearing an intricate suit or sport coat.

Make the most out of your polo shirt by pairing it with a blazer – when done properly, this ensemble offers the ideal relaxed dress casual vibe and can elevate any event, whether that means coffee at the cafe, running errands, or drinks and dinner!

For optimal results when selecting a blazer to go with your polo shirts, ensure it fits well and is made from quality fabric. Avoid overtly formal pieces as these may clash with your shirt and look dated. Moreover, be wary when popping the collar as this fashion trend has faded quickly and may read as sloppy or douchey; additionally, a well-groomed beard or clean-shaven face will help set it apart in any crowd. 

Final Thoughts

For those looking for the ultimate way to stay comfortable no matter the occasion – men’s tees—in particular a snazzy graphic tee—with a solid-colored blazer is the perfect way to make a unique reference to your personality.

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