Let’s take a gastronomic journey into the future of dining! One innovation that’s taken the culinary world by storm in recent years is QR code menus, which have been embraced by restaurants to enhance their patrons’ overall experience. It streamlines the dining process and offers both customers and restaurant owners a seamless, interactive, and hygienic dining experience.

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Exactly What is a QR Code Menu?

QR codes are making a comeback in the restaurant industry just as you thought they were gone! Originally a way to reduce physical touch and combat the virus, this has evolved into a new business model.

In restaurants, QR Code menus replace physical menu cards with digital versions. Restaurant menus can be accessed on mobile phones by scanning QR Codes. The use of touchless menus means that Coronavirus can be prevented from spreading through objects that are handled multiple times.

Menu QR Codes: Why Restaurants Use Them

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), restaurants are required to remove printed menus during the pandemic to reduce the possibility of microbial spread.In response to these guidelines, digital menus were introduced, which then led to QR codes being used as menus. Scanning them only required customers to have smartphone devices.

Customers can access a digital menu powered by QR codes without interacting with a server or touching any printed menus.  Maintaining restaurant safety is made easier by reducing contamination risks. As a customer, you would be looking for a QR code menu, that works for you no matter where you go.

There is a growing trend among restaurant, bar, and cafe owners to use QR-based contactless menus. During the pandemic, QR codes provide restaurants with a more engaging experience while keeping guests safer. It is expected that the market for QR code labels will grow to $1268.1 million in 2026 from $916.7 million in 2020.

What is the Procedure For Using QR Codes on Menus?

QR codes are frequently used by restaurants to display their digital menus, which are displayed on posters or table tents.

Customers scan the QR code displayed on the menu with their smartphones. Once they click this link, the restaurant’s digital menu will appear on their phone. Customers can order using their smartphones without handling a physical menu or waiting for a server. The contactless ordering process provides a seamless, user-friendly dining experience that enhances the dining experience.

How Should QR Codes Be Implemented on Restaurant Menus?

QR Code Menus - scan, order, enjoy!

Here are five steps you need to follow to successfully implement QR codes in your restaurant:

1. Make sure you select a trusted QR code software

With Oddmenu, you can offer your restaurant business and customers great deals and benefits. A variety of features are available through this software provider that is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. A variety of customization options are available for the software. Your QR code, landing page, and digital menu can be customized to align with the branding of your restaurant.

2. Create your digital menu by customizing your QR code

Provide all the necessary information for creating a restaurant menu: prices, titles, descriptions, and submenus.

3. Get your QR code tested

Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code and see if you’re taken to your digital menu. Make sure the information and food items are correct as well.

4. Put QR codes on your menu and promote them

Display your menu QR codes throughout your restaurant after they have been printed on high-quality paper. Posters, stickers, or table tents can be used to display QR codes on your menu.

5. Make sure your employees are trained 

It takes more than just creating and promoting QR codes to implement a food QR code system. Your staff must also be trained to use it correctly. Including assisting customers with scanning codes, navigating menus, and processing orders and payments.

QR code menu

How Can QR Code Menus Benefit Restaurants?

Below are some of the benefits of the QR Code Menu.

Faster response time

With contactless menus, customers can order whenever they are ready without waiting for a waiter or waitress to arrive.

Time better spent by staff

When customers use contactless menus, servers are generally able to serve more tables at once.

Enhanced guest experience

There has been a significant reduction in waiting times for consumers due to faster service and a greater number of tables covered. It is particularly useful on Friday evenings when there are a lot of people around. It might be easier for everyone to avoid getting upset if a contactless menu is available to customers. QR Code Menus also offer a more individualized dining experience.

Update menus without printing

QR code menus allow you to easily change your menu without having to reprint. Your offerings can be easily updated or changed based on ingredient availability if you do this frequently.

Improve the efficiency of costs

Printing costs can be reduced and paper waste can be reduced when menus aren’t printed. Furthermore, manual sanitization of physical menus after use can be reduced, which reduces labor costs.


A QR code menu offers a multitude of advantages, including improved customer experience, increased cost efficiency, and enhanced safety in the post-COVID era. Modern dining establishments benefit from QR code menus due to their ease of scanning and access, as well as the ability to quickly update and adapt menus. QR code menus that work for you will play an increasingly important role in shaping dining experiences around the world as technology continues to evolve and customer preferences shift toward contactless and convenient experiences.

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