In Los Angeles, St. Louis slugger Albert Pujols hit the 700th home run for his team connecting with his second-game drive. He also became the fourth player that reach this significant league history milestone as the Cardinals routed Los Angeles Dodgers 11-0 this Friday night. Albert Pujols home run was a piece of big news as he was playing the final days of the last big-league season of his career.

This 42-year-old player joined Hank Aaron (755), Barry Bonds (762 homers), and Babe Ruth (714) in any one of his baseball’s highly exclusive clubs. Let’s take a moment to learn a bit more about Albert Pujols and his run-up to his amazing accomplishment.

Update 10/10/2022 – Pujols calls it quits on a long, productive professional baseball career. Story on

Who is Albert Pujols?

Albert Pujols is a six-time silver slugger and has twice led the NL in his home runs. He has also led NL once in batting average, RBIs, and doubles. In 2018, he collected his 3000th career hit and became the 32nd player in the history of MLB to reach this milestone. We remember Pujols coming up as a rookie and how much flare he has demonstrated throughout his career. He has always been an amazingly entertaining player.

Albert Pujols Hit 700 Home Runs

“Don’t get me wrong; I am conscious of where I stand in this game, but I have avoided focusing on or chasing numbers since I made my debut. It was always about taking home titles and improving in these games”. Pujols’ said of his recent home run accomplishments.

He said this is just like Mount Rushmore of sluggers; reaching this 700 home run mark is remarkable. A man just wearing the blue Dodgers shirt having Hideo Nomos #16 on its back snagged his 700th homer ball. He also whisked understands while clutching a black glove with the historic souvenir ball on his chest.

Lengthy negotiations went on and on before the man was taken out of the Dodger Stadium surrounded by 10 security personnel and into the SUV waiting for him. Showing his pop from his younger and dominant days, Pujols hit his no 699 in his third innings and then launched #700 in his fourth.

Cesar Soriano, a 37 years old Los Angeles man, snagged Albert Pujols home run #699. He then turned the ball on to security after he was told he could meet Pujols. It has been an exceptionally remarkable and resurgent run from Pujols. This was the 14th home run for him since the start of August for the NL Central-leading Cardinals and the 21st of the season.

Recently, most considered him a pretty long shot to reach his 700 this season. He also went into August batting just .235 with only seven home runs. Along with two long shots this evening, he made his mark, and all the news went. Albert Pujols hit 700 home runs in their headlines.

Baby Ruth and Albert Pujols home run

How Did Pujols Celebrate His 700th HR?

It is extraordinary, he said, mainly with the Dodgers fans to do this big hit here. “And, you get to see both sides; they enjoy this, and doing it in a Cardinals uniform is special.”

Pujol made his historic home run as his three-run shot against reliever Phil Bickford became a reality. This ball landed in the first few rows of the left field pavilion. It is the exact location where his two-run shot touched down his previous innings off left-hander Andrew Heaney.

How many home runs does Albert Pujols have in his career?

Albert Pujols has made 701 runs in his entire career. The 700th Albert Pujols home run made big news all around the field. Pujols jogged around all of the bases smiling around the way. After crossing this plate and pointing his fingers to the sky and went over to meet fellow Dominican Republic star, Adrian Beltre. They both high-fived from the protective netting.

This is how Albert Pujols hit 700 home runs and made a massive achievement in his career.

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