Who is Gloria Darlene Fox?

Gloria Darlene Fox is an American celebrity mother who is famous for her work. Popularly known for being the mom of actress and model Megan Fox. She doesn’t need an introduction. If you are not familiar with Megan’s work, some of her movie credits include Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Furthermore, Megan has been nominated for and won several awards, including two Scream Awards as well as four Teen Choice Awards.

This post will focus on a discussion of Gloria Darlene Fox, a self-employed real estate manager. Find out more about her by reading on.

Bio, Age, Family

Gloria was born on July 14, 1952, and works as a real estate agent. As a Christian and a member of the white ethnicity, Gloria was born in Tennessee. Gloria is a woman of Irish-English descent who is famous for the success of her daughter, Megan Fox. Her high school education was completed at Tennessee Technological University, which is located in her hometown.

She has not provided any information regarding her parents or siblings to the media. The information she has provided regarding her educational background and early experiences is lacking.

Gloria Fox Marriage and Divorce

During Gloria’s daughter’s childhood, she divorced her husband. In Florida, she married another individual after moving with her children and husband.

After their divorce, Gloria was a working single mother raising her two children on her own. In Darlene’s case, both of her children have grown up and are now independent adults. In addition to being an accomplished actress, her daughter is also known by the name of her mother.

As a result of Gloria’s divorce, her daughter did not suffer any psychological trauma. Although she had strict parents as a child, the actress had a relatively happy childhood. Having no access to her friends and not enjoying school, she did not enjoy going to school. Her friends’ homes were also forbidden to her.

Career and Achievements

A former real estate agent, Gloria is now a sales associate. As a sales associate with eXp Realty, she has been working there since 2019.

Gloria also worked in this industry for several years before she was hired for her current position. Between May 2008 and March 2009, she served as a manager at Marco Shores Estates.

Darlene remained with the company for a period of time and then left the position for the same position at a different company. Over the course of almost six years, Darlene held the same position at Imperial Bonita Estates.

In the following years, Darlene became the general manager of Riverside Club Condominium Association. She joined Riverside Club as a General Manager in January 2015.

Gloria Darlene Fox Net Worth

The work Darlene Fox performs as the mom of Megan Fox may have generated a substantial income for her. It is likely that she made a significant amount of money while working as a real estate manager. 

Gloria Darlene Fox and Megan Fox

Gloria has worked as a realtor and sales representative for over ten years. Approximately $128K to $343K has been billed by Darlene to her clients. Darlene has been charging this amount in addition to her salary for the past two years. Meanwhile, Megan, her daughter, is an extremely wealthy individual with a net worth estimated at $8 million.

Fun Facts

  • A woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes, Gloria Darlene Fox is considered very attractive. 
  • Darlene has five grandchildren in addition to her children. 
  • Megan Fox, her daughter, is also an accomplished actress who earns a great deal of money.
  • In addition to being single, Gloria has been married twice.
  •  Darlene’s second marriage to Franklin Thomas resulted in the birth of two daughters.
  • There is no social media personality named Gloria Darlene Fox. At the present time, Gloria does not have an official Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. 

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