For months now, fans of Tim Burton’s classic 1988 comedy “Beetlejuice” have been buzzing with excitement at the prospect of Beetlejuice 2, recently renamed Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, being in the works. But what could make it even better? The potential return of original star Michael Keaton as the iconic title character, Winona Ryder as Lydia Deets, and even Johnny Depp reuniting with director Tim Burton to break back into the acting world after his infamous trial with ex-wife Amber Heard.

Here, we’ll look at why our favorite actors’ return to Beetlejuice, and the potential for Depp’s inclusion, is so important and what impact their involvement could have on this long-awaited sequel.

What Makes Beetlejuice So Beloved?

Before diving into why fans are eagerly anticipating a possible continuation of one of America’s favorite films from the 80s, let’s look at what made it so beloved in the first place:

  • A silly but wickedly smart script packed with memorable quotes and one-liners.
  • Compelling characters, both human and ghost.
  • Michael Keaton’s vile, yet adorable performance as the ‘Ghost With The Most’ spawned cartoon series, action figures, and other multimedia projects.
  • Tim Burton’s iconic gothic style of filmmaking had viewers in awe from start to finish.

These elements combine to create Beetlejuice’s lasting legacy — one that comes with high expectations for any sequel that may come about.

What Could We See in Beetlejuice 2?

In terms of plot and characters, what could be expected from a Beetlejuice sequel? Will we see the return of Michael Keaton as Betelgeuse or will there be an entirely new cast involved? Fans are hoping to see some familiar faces and storylines that honor the original movie, while also offering something fresh and exciting.

The possibilities seem almost limitless — but one thing is certain: If Keaton, Depp, and Ryder sign on to appear in the sequel, fans can look forward to a unique experience that will no doubt exceed expectations. We are on the precipice of history here.

Beetlejuice 2 starring Micheal Keaton

Will Michael Keaton Appear in the Beetlejuice Sequel?

One of the main appeals of any sequel is seeing beloved characters come back and few are more beloved than Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice. An instant hit when he first appeared in the original movie, Keaton brought an incredible amount of charm, wit, and charisma to the role with his impeccable comedic timing helping to make him one of Burton’s most popular characters ever.

With news that he may be in talks to appear in “Beetlejuice 2”, fans everywhere are hoping he can do justice to this fan-favorite character once again.

Will Winona Ryder Appear in the Beetlejuice Sequel?

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice movie poster

Winona Ryder is back on set for Beetlejuice 2, and it feels like no time has passed since she first played Lydia Deetz in the 1988 cult classic Beetlejuice. Winona has allegedly transformed into her iconic character Lydia once again as she filmed new scenes in Hertfordshire, England, on May 18. The excitement is building!

The 51-year-old star of Stranger Things was sporting Lydia’s signature spiky ‘do, dark eye makeup, and an all-black wardrobe as she sat in a car. The years have flown by but Lydia Deetz still looks the same.

This time around it sounds like Lydia might also have a child of her own, as Jenna Ortega appears to have signed on as Lydia’s daughter. Curious if Jenna’s character will be the one to summon Beetlejuice back into the fold, or if Lydia will be up to her old tricks.

Will Johnny Depp Appear in the Beetlejuice Sequel?

Johnny Depp’s involvement would certainly add to the excitement of fans and perhaps even draw in new viewers who may not have seen the original movie. Depp, with his star performance as Captain Jack Sparrow, has enamored fans with his fun and exciting blockbuster characters.

Johnny Depp has kept relatively quiet on whether he’d be interested in joining director Tim Burton for his Hollywood return. Many believe that he’s already been approached about appearing in a Beetlejuice follow-up, but there is no indication he will be involved to this date. Whether or not he ends up appearing remains to be seen — but for now, it’s safe to say that fans are eager for news of his involvement.

Who Else Will Appear in Beetlejuice 2?

Aside from Ryder and Keaton, the cast of Beetlejuice Beetlejuice also features Catherine O’Hara (Delia Deetz), Jenna Ortega (Lydia’s daughter), Monica Bellucci (Beetlejuice’s wife), Justin Theroux, and Willem Dafoe.

Final Thoughts

While nothing has been officially confirmed as yet regarding Johnny Depp’s involvement in Beetlejuice 2 there’s still plenty of hope among fans and critics alike that we might get a glimpse at him working with one of his favorite directors, Tim Burton, once again. His presence would almost certainly help make this anticipated sequel even better than its predecessor whilst adding an extra layer of legitimacy to its proceedings – something which all parties involved should surely welcome with open arms!

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