Jojo part 6: stone ocean is the sixth story arc of Japanese manga series. This is animated series which has impressed the audience highly. This is written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Jojo stone ocean has been considered to be one of the best Japanese series. The audience has greatly loved it and the series is already a success.

This animated series is divided into 4 seasons with a total of 5 parts each. The audience is currently waiting for part 6.

And even though this is Japanese and not many people are able to understand it, viewers can watch this at Funimation as well because it has English dubbed audio. Not only this but it has many other series which are dubbed in English.

Release Date: Jojo Part 6

The producers and the official team made an announcement saying that the part 6 was all set to be premiered, but there has been no announcement since then. It is assumed that maybe because of the pandemic, the release has been out on halt.

The audience is hoping that part 6 will be out by the end of 2021.

Plot: Jojo’s Adventure Part 6

After the 5th part, the 6th part will focus on Jolyne Cujo. The girl from Jotaro, this is also the main character of the show. Her father is Jojo, who gifts an amulet that will save her from dangers. The problem arises when she keeps putting herself in dangers while trying to unlock the sandstone.

Jojo part 6 is going to be really interesting specially for all those people who watched all 5 parts. 5th part was ended on a turning end and now audience can’t wait for the 6th part. Even though it was said that the part would be out by this season, no official news has been made since then. The only thing fans can do is to wait.

The show has an amazing fan following because of it’s amazing and fascinating plot. It has attracted so many people to watch it because the story is beyond us.

The genre of the show is fantasy and thriller. From magic to action we get to watch everything and this is how the audience gets a complete package of entertainment.

Cast and Characters of Jojo Part 6

It is expected that the main characters of the series will remain with some new additional characters. These new characters would be a lot more interesting with of course a lot more magic and action. Most of the old characters will still remain in the season. The audience is excited for all the new ones that are going to be making an entry.

The audience has to keep their eyes glued to the screen to keep themselves posted.

It has been hard for many cinematic companies to continue with their productions in this deadly time of the pandemic. This is why we can only assume the release date part of part 6 to be released at the end of 2021.

Trailer of Part 6

There has been no trailer for the part 6 as yet. The audience is already keeping a check on all the new updates regarding show. You can watch season 5 trailer and go through it and understand what you might have missed and what you may see in season 6.

Part 6 of this most fantastic anime series consists of many new characters that will keep you hooked and blown away:

  • Giorna Giovanna
  • Bruno bucciarati
  • Guido mista
  • Leone Abbacchio
  • Trish
  • Diavolo
  • Narancia
  • Diavolo

If you’re eagerly waiting for the part  6 as well, all you need to do is stay posted through visiting this website every day. All the information along with the trailer will be posted here as soon as the production house announces anything. You have to keep visiting.

If in case you haven’t yet watched this show, this is high time that you watch it. By the time you’re done watching all 5 parts, who knows part 6 would have been released too.

If you’re a fantasy and action freak this is just the perfect season for you! The season is a complete entertainment package. It gives you fantasy, thrill, action and so much magic all in just one series. The story is amazing and the plot is very captivating. The graphics are great and we suggest you watch it right away without wasting any more time. A magical world full of adventure and quests awaits you!

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