If you’re looking to keep track of your events, an event calendar is a great option. Event calendars are easy to use and can be embedded into your website so that visitors can see them as well. Plus, they allow you to customize their layout and style depending on your needs. Using event calendars is not overly complicated and we have some tips for how to use them most effectively.

Read on to learn everything you didn’t know you needed to know about using event calendars.

Event Calendars Are Easy to Use

Event calendars are easy to use. The main reason why event planners use them is that they make it simple to plan events and keep track of all the details. Event calendar software makes it easy for you to create an event calendar, add events, invite attendees, and share your calendar with others.

Using an online event calendar allows you to easily manage your schedule by letting you see what’s going on at any given time so that you can plan ahead and make sure that nothing conflicts with another commitment. You can also use them as an outreach tool by sharing your upcoming events with people who may be interested in attending or volunteering at one of them (for example, sponsors).

You can embed your custom-made event page directly into any page on your website or blog (like this one) which means visitors will always know exactly where they need to go whenever there’s something new happening!

Event Calendars Are a Great Way to Promote Your Events

Event calendars are a great way to promote your events. If you have an event coming up, or if you’re planning one, then it’s important that as many people know about it as possible. You can use event calendars in order to get more people to your events. Event calendars can also be used for reminding people about what is going on with an organization or business.

Event calendars provide promotional opportunities through social media sharing, email marketing, and other methods of communication.

a business event planned using event calendars

Event Calendars Can Be Embedded Into Your Website

You can embed an event calendar widget like Eventtia into your website, blog, social media accounts, and other websites. You can also add it to emails that you send out to people who subscribe to your mailing list. This is a great way for people who are interested in what you have going on at any given time but don’t necessarily want the hassle of visiting multiple sites or apps just to see what’s going on with you.

Event Calendars Help You Manage Your Events With Ease

Event calendars are the perfect way to keep track of your events and ensure that they run smoothly. They allow you to easily communicate with attendees, keep track of your budget, manage your calendar and schedule, and manage your team’s time.

  • Keep Track Of Your Events – The main reason people use event calendars is that they want an easy way to keep track of their events in one place. This makes it easy for everyone involved with planning an event (including guests) so they can see what’s going on without having to go through multiple sites or apps just for this purpose alone! If something changes at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances then all updates will be reflected immediately on the calendar itself instead of forcing users manually update each individual person involved; which could lead to confusion down the road if done incorrectly.
  • Communicate With Attendees Easily – In addition to enabling communication between organizers/hosts themselves; Event calendars also allows attendees access via SMS text message notifications sent directly from within Google Calendar itself which means no more having separate accounts set up just solely dedicated to receiving alerts about upcoming events – because now everything happens seamlessly within one platform only instead requiring two separate ones.

They Allow You to Make Your Own Customized Layout and Designs

A feature that many event planners enjoy is the ability to customize the look and feel of their calendars. This allows you to create a custom layout, add images and videos, or use a template that suits your needs. You can also choose from different backgrounds or upload an image of your own (if you want something more unique).

Another great feature is the ability to add your own events. This is perfect for a planner who works with multiple clients and needs to keep track of their schedules. You can create an event from scratch, or copy an existing one and make changes as needed.

Event Calendars Are an Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Events

Event calendars are an easy way to keep track of your events. You can customize the layout, design, and features to match your brand’s style. Event calendar offers a wide variety of templates that are fully customizable, so you can create a calendar that matches your website’s look and feel perfectly.

If you want to embed an event calendar on your website or blog, the event calendar makes it simple with just one click! Just select the embed code option when creating new events in our system (or edit existing ones), copy/paste into any page on which you want visitors to see upcoming events from all areas within their browser window without having them leave what they’re doing at this moment – like checking Facebook updates or reading emails from friends & family members. Thanks to technology advancements making communication easier than ever before possible back then when dinosaurs roamed Earth thousands of years ago.


Event organizers and event managers have a lot of responsibilities that they need to keep track of, especially when it comes to planning and managing their events. It can be a lot to remember, but with the help of using event calendars, everything will be organized in one place!

Not only does this make planning easier for everyone involved in the event planning process (and there are usually many people involved), but it also ensures that nothing gets overlooked. The best part is that there are so many different types of event calendars available today that can work for any type of event – from weddings and parties all the way up to corporate conferences or conventions.

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