Reporting on a recent study, Forbes finds that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) can have a significant impact on accelerating revenue growth. The study, conducted by SiriusDecisions [1], found that ABM marketing programs delivered an average of 11 percent more predictable revenue growth over three years when compared to traditional marketing approaches.

What’s more, the dollars generated from larger deals increased by 17 percent using an ABM approach. If you’re looking for ways to drive your business growth in 2023 and beyond, then it may be time to consider implementing Account Based Marketing Software for ABM Marketing.

Is Account-Based Marketing a Viable Method for Generating Revenue?

ABM marketing is a strategic approach that targets specific accounts with personalized campaigns. The goal is to generate quality leads and convert them into customers.

When done right with any Account-Based Marketing Software, ABM can be highly effective in accelerating revenue growth. Here’s how:

1. ABM Allows You to Target High-Value Accounts

With ABM, you can identify and target the accounts that are most likely to convert into customers. This is done by evaluating company size, industry, pain points, and budget.

By targeting high-value accounts, you can focus your efforts on the leads that are most likely to close. This allows you to generate more quality leads and accelerate revenue growth. [2]

2. ABM Provides a Personalized Approach

With ABM marketing, you can tailor your campaigns to the specific needs of each account. This personalized approach helps you build relationships with key decision-makers and influencers within each target account.

As a result, you’re able to better understand the needs of each account and create customized solutions that address their specific challenges. This helps you differentiate your products and services from the competition, making it more likely that the account will do business with you.

3. ABM Drives Cross-Functional Collaboration

Account-based marketing requires close collaboration between marketing, sales, and other functions within the organization. This level of collaboration is essential for developing targeted campaigns that deliver results.

By working together, each function can share insights and ideas to create more effective campaigns. This cross-functional collaboration helps to ensure that everyone is aligned on the same objectives and working towards the same goal: generating quality leads and accelerating revenue growth.

4. ABM Improves Visibility into the Sales Pipeline

ABM provides visibility into the sales pipeline, allowing marketing and sales teams to track progress and identify potential issues. This level of visibility is essential for ensuring that campaigns are on track and generating quality leads.

By monitoring the sales pipeline, marketing, and sales teams can identify any roadblocks that may be preventing deals from moving forward. This helps to ensure that deals stay on track and close in a timely manner.

5. ABM Delivers Measurable Results

ABM is a data-driven approach that enables marketing and sales teams to measure the results of their campaigns. This makes it possible to track key metrics such as leads generated, deal size, and conversion rate.

This data-driven approach allows you to continuously optimize your campaigns based on what’s working and what’s not working. As a result, you can fine-tune your campaigns to generate even better results.

Propensity ABM Marketing In-Market Account Data Assessment

Final Verdict

It is essential to create a path to revenue if ABM is to turn accounts into revenue and existing accounts into greater revenue growth. This requires you to have an ABM strategy that has been optimized and refined over a period of time, which comes first. There is no point in setting it and forgetting it. It’s important to have appropriate Account Based Marketing Software.

By embracing ABM marketing, we can accelerate revenue growth by generating quality leads and closing deals faster. If you’re looking to prove your worth and drive revenue growth, ABM is the way to go.


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